Friends of Robey (F.O.R.) is a group of volunteers who donate their time and energy to help Robey.

The group is led by Akosua Hobert Pierce.

F.O.R. members are an asset to our company. They deserve the recognition and the thanks for all their selfless efforts.

If you would like to join our dedicated Friends, please use the contact form below:

Password must be at least 7 characters long.
Password must be at least 7 characters long.
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Street Number
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Area of Interest

Below are the 5 general areas where we need help and the more specific categories that go with each. Please select the check boxes below for as many as apply to you.

  • PRODUCTION: Ushering, Bring a Group, Host Reception, Will Call Table
  • OFFICE: Filing, Organizing, Making Photocopies, Answering Phones
  • MARKETING: Writing Press Releases, Writing Narratives, Stores, Speakers Bureau
  • FUND RAISING: Hosting Fundraisers in Your Home, Developing Ideas for Fund Raisers
  • SPECIAL EVENTS: Serve Food, Tend Bar, VIP Greeter, Gofer